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What is fotinity?

fotinity is...

... a foto community for artists, photographers, models, all other creative minds from all over the world. Fotinity is also aimed at all art and photography enthusiasts who want to follow their favorite artists and stay up to date. Get inspired and inspire others. Our name combines the words photo, infinity and community.

Image quality

Share photographies and artworks in the best image quality on fotinity and excite people around the world. The beauty and energy of the artwork remains conserved and in perfect quality. Reach the whole world with your images.

Trusted photo

We developed a special technology to protect your photos. Each of your artworks is protected - we made id really difficult to steal or copy them. We are constantly working on this technique to keep your images protected.

Privacy policy

For fotinity the data protection belongs to the highest priorities. For us you are not a data product. We will never give your information to third parties without your consent. Our servers are located in Germany.

Constructive feedback

With our ingenious feedback function you get detailed information why people like your artworks. Get feedback about your art referring to the following points: Inspiration, creativity, composition and quality.


The new way of posting. Combine text, image and video in one post. Create interesting articles. Let your followers read, see and hear what you have to say.

Paint with light

Did you know the word "photography" origins from the Greek words "phos" and "graphé"? This translates to "light" and "drawing" Рwe interpret it as "Paint with Light" Рusing the engery of light and creating art.

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We don't want to reinvent the wheel – but we want to improve it. With full passion. We are visionaries. We are creative. We have ideas. Creativity is in each of us. Everyone is an Artist. We want to bring shape and colors back to life with you. Here and now! We connect people who create art and those who apprechiate it. People like you and me. Art is everywhere and it is our intention to make it accessible. Our goal is to inspire and to get inspired – to awaken the desire to get creative.

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